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AMI Penta

AMI Penta sets even more focus on the plants need for a precise fertilization and accurate acidity in the irrigation
water and at the right time.
- Advanced control of plant Growth
- Flexible setup of 100 irrigation Groups
- Pre-programming of up to 20 recipes
- Menu in your language
- Can be designed for your needs

AMI Quattro

AMI Quattro Fertilizer Mixer has been developed for garderners
who demand stability. AMI Quattro is reliable, easy to use
and can be build to fi t your site´s needs.

AMI Penta Controller

Fertilizer Computer

Renovation of older fertilizer mixers!
If you have an older well maintained fertilizer mixer in operation, which you wish to renovate in order to bring the control of the irrigation and fertilization up to the latest standards, then the AMI Penta Controller fertilizer computer offers a cost effective alternative in comparison to the purchase of a completely new fertilizer and irrigation mixer.