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This stand alone EC- and PH-alarm unit, measures EC an PH and gives alarm when the stet limits are exceeded. The use is multiple. E.g. the alarm can be used in the irrigation system, or for measurement of basin water. 4 separate alarms con be set for minimun and maximun EC an minimun and maximun pH-alarm respectively.

Start Tray/Drain Tray

With a drain tray or a start tray the plants decide, when they want to be irrigated. The start tray and the drain tray are used to control the irrigation of cultures grown in rockwool or perlite, e.g. tomatoes, cucumbers, and mother plants.


VA60-8 is a low-priced high-quality irrigation controler, it is very simple to operate. With VA60-8 an exact control of the time and start of irrigation-just when the plants need water - is ensured.