Areas of interest:

Climate Control

With a solution from DGT-Volmatic it is possible to monitor and control the complex process and create the optimum climate for plants in greenhouses. According to actual need, the climate can be controlled by means of simple, analogue systems or by means of advanced climate computers. Both solutions are independent, reliable units which can be combined and extended as required.

Analogue Controls systems comprise regulations of heating, screen control, climate- and heat regulators for simple, double or top-/side vent opening control. 
Climate Computers computers for control of all climate functions. The operation is based on a logically constructed menu. The display shows the settings most frequently used by the growers. The modular combination makes it easy to expand to more functions and expand with more greenhouses, as the communication works very fast. The climate computer works together with the DGT-Volmatic boiler room computer and irrigation-/fertilizer computers. The whole system can be connected to the SuperLink for remote control of SuperLink and to PhytoSens, which makes it possible to make use of the advantages of a dynamic climate control. 

Weather Stations 
Climate Sensors 
Heat Valves