Areas of interest:

Irrigation- and Fertilizer Control

The growing conditions for the plants are totally dependable of the right amount of water on the right time. It is essential that the water contains the correct nutrients in the correct proportion and concentration and also that the pH-value is constantly correctly adjusted.
The complete irrigation- and fertilizer systems from Senmatic DGT meet all these demands - from capillary drip over water distribution systems to complete fertilizer mixers.

Capillary Drip are laid out so that each single plant or tree will be supplied with the correct amount of water. 
Irrigation Valves for irrigation of mobile and stationary bench systems. 
Nozzles/Sprinklers for atomizing spraying, cooling or addition of humidity. 
Analogue Irrigation is very simple to operate. The irrigation time is adjusted for each valve with the rotary switch and is started by push button or a timer. 
Irrigation Computers can be connected to other climate- and irrigation computers. 
Irrigation-/Fertilizer computers are compact and advanced mixers, developed for those who require user friendliness and high degree of dependability. 
EC and pH alarm 
Mesur Hand Instrument 

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