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SuperLink is an advanced PC-programm with a graphical user interface for the monitoring and control of DGT-Volmatic's climate computers and fertilizer mixers; The program offers a range of possibilities for collecting and monitoring climate and irrigation data.

SuperLink makes it easy and quick to read and adjust the conditions in the various departments, as mutual dependent conditions are shown and can be controlled in the same display.

SuperLink makes it possible to plan climate, fertilizer and irrigation changes in due time with programmable control instructions. It is only necessary to insert the requested change, time and date of the change. All necessary measurements can be collected and saved as preferred. Standard graph, temperature, humidity, light and CO2 are collected automatically many times per hour. It is possible to combine special graphs according to the user's wishes.

All alarms, which are observed by the climate computer and the AMI computer, are collected by the SuperLink program and saved in an alarm list. All control instructions, which are performed by the program, are saved in order to ascertain whether the wanted changes have been carried out. SuperLink has an open interface and it is possible to communicate with other programs through this interface. 



Central software for control and remote control