Business Areas

We are a full-line supplier for growers, farmers and builders within commercial horticulture and for the specialized requirements of, for example, horticultural research facilities and garden centers. Therefore our products are suitable for many different business areas.

Commercial Greenhouse

Require solutions for ventilation, temperature regulation, carbon dioxide enrichment, irrigation and fertilizer mixing including water recirculation, and intelligent management of all climate parameters

Indoor Farming

All environmental factors must be controlled, including artificial control of light, environmental control (humidity, temperature and gases) and fertigation

LED Lighting

Controllable LED lighting that offers dynamic control of light intensity and spectral composition and enables easy integration with climate control systems is essential for the grower today

Electronic Climate Control

Monitoring and control of the complex processes in horticulture is a critical factor for creating the optimal climate for plants and ensuring success for the grower

Mechanical Climate Control

Ventilation and screens keep growing conditions in the greenhouse optimal, and to ensure correct opening and closing, the gears, racks and motors must match other components perfectly

Irrigation & Fertilizing

For optimal growing conditions, plants require the right amount of water and fertilizer on the right time and increasingly, water treatment and recirculation is a part of the solution


Facilities for horticultural research require dynamic control of lighting, precision irrigation, fertilizing, climate control, and the ability to access precise and usable data

Garden Centers

Garden centers often include indoor, outdoor and greenhouse areas, and these place specific demands on climate control, lighting and irrigation

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