LED Lighting knowledge

One of the major benefits of our LED fixtures is the ability to control the spectral distribution. Investing in a controllable LED fixture means that you always have the option to change the light to keep up with new research findings, a new culture/culture stage, or simply to dim the fixture when less light is required. Simply put, an investment in Senmatic LED grow lights will not leave you with a fixed spectrum but leads to endless possibilities.

Our solutions suit most modern commercial greenhouses around the world and are designed to withstand the harsh environment of a greenhouse and keep working year after year. The minimalistic design means easy installation using standard connection technology, and with a minimal shadow footprint.

Our LED grow lights integrate fully into Senmatic electronic climate control systems and offer dynamic control of the intensity and spectral composition of your greenhouse lighting.

Many variants of Senmatic LED top lights, including light bars with lens systems, are available:

  • Fixtures that emit light in the photosynthetic active region of the visible light spectrum
  • Fixtures designed to replicate sunlight, useful for research and garden centres, for example
  • Energy savings of up to 50 % – the natural replacement for the conventional HPS systems used today
  • LED systems proven and tested with more than 3 million burn hours

Products for LED Lighting

FL300 Grow

Mainly for open greenhouses

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FL300 Sunlight

The LED fixture replicating the sunlight

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FL300 Grow White

For special lighting requirements

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LED Light Controller

Maintain the full control
of your LED installation

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FL100 Grow

Emitting light in the photosynthetic active region of the visible light spectrum

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FL100 Sunlight

Matches the rays of the sun

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FL100 Grow White

Offers a full continuous spectrum

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