InClimate - combined temperature-humidity-Co2 controller/transmitter

InClimate is a new room thermostat - 3 functions in one sensor for comfort control of the indoor climate. This controller/transmitter is designed, so that all values are measured extremely precisely, which secures a healty indoor climate - and at the same time provides a more economical heat control.

InClimate is designed for use in ordinary housings, office building, schools, hospitals etc. - in all places where the indoor climate is of importance to persons well-being.

A stylish and simple design with the emphasis on user-friendlyness - among other things with elevated writing -makes InClimate ideal for controlling of heating and ventilation - in new buildings as well as in existing buildings.

  • Comfort control of indoor climate
  • Health air
  • Energy efficiency
  • Cleaning-friendly
  • Simple and safe installation
  • 3x0-10V transmitter/VAV
  • RS485/Modbus

The entire leaflet for InClimate can be found at our website, and can also be opened using the below link: