Business Ethics

Business Ethics

We act with integrity and high ethics in all of our business relationships.

We have many different business relationships with vendors, customers, acquisition candidates and shareholders. To be able to grow and develop, we must maintain high confidence among our most important stakeholders and people in our operating environment, and be a trusted partner. There are no shortcuts here – we must do the right thing in all situations.

  • We shall follow applicable laws and regulations in all countries in which we work.

  • Bribes and all forms of corrupt conduct are strictly forbidden. No one who works under Senmatic’s name or any of the Indutrade subsidiaries’ names may grant, offer, receive or promote payments, gifts or other improper benefits that could influence or may be perceived to influence the objectivity of a business or governmental decision.

  • You may only offer or receive gifts, meals and entertainment if they are compatible with applicable laws and generally accepted business practice. If you are not sure, consult with your immediate manager.

  • All success shall be built upon a sound business culture and fair competition. We always adhere to applicable competition laws that prohibit agreements and arrangements between competitors that restrict competition. This includes price-fixing, the dividing of customers and geographical markets, cartels and abuse of dominant position.
  • You shall always act in the best interest of Indutrade and Senmatic, and avoid conflicts of interest. A conflict of interest arises when your private interests, personal relationships or external activities affect or give the impression of affecting how you perform your work duties.

  • Insider information is information that is not generally available and which can be assumed to have an influence on Senmatic’s share price. If you have insider information about Senmatic, you may not buy or sell Senmatic shares. Nor may you divulge such information to a third party, such as friends and family members, such as by, for example, recommending that they buy Senmatic shares.

  • We shall always strive to ensure that Senmatic’s information is open, correct, continuous, fast and of the best quality, and that it is provided in accordance with applicable laws, regulations, accounting standards and norms.
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