Employee Relationships

Employee Relationships

The relationship between employer and employee is characterised by openness, respect and influence

Every workplace within the Indutrade Group is unique – each with its own history. Company culture is not in the walls but in how we treat each other, every day. For us it goes without saying that the interaction between employer and employee is built upon mutual respect and that we can be open and receptive both to criticism and good ideas.

  • The company shall carry on an open and honest dialogue with the employees and their representatives. All employees shall be treated with dignity and respect, and be given opportunities for development and new learning. All employees shall be welcome to express their views about their workplace with their respective managers.

  • We recognise the employees’ fundamental right to decide if they want to be represented by labour unions, and we respect the right of employees and their unions to conduct collective bargaining. We also respect an employee’s right to refrain from joining a labor union.
  • We shall pay salaries and benefits in accordance with applicable laws and collective agreements. In cases where no collective agreements exist, we adhere to applicable industry norms. We shall strive for equal pay for equal work and counter unreasonable differences in pay between men and women.

  • We value and strive to develop diversity among our employees. All new recruitment shall be conducted on objective grounds regardless of gender, marital status, parenthood, ethnic or national origin, sexual orientation, faith, political affiliation, age, functional disability or other categories that are protected by law.

  • Harassment, threats or other unsuitable conduct are not permitted.
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