Human Rights

Human Rights

We strive for the respect and protection of fundamental human rights

Indutrade is a growing group with subsidiaries in 27 countries on four continents. Regardless of where in the world we work, people’s fundamental liberties and rights shall be respected and protected. Within our own operations and in contexts in which we have an opportunity to influence, we shall strive to ensure that people’s liberties and rights are respected and protected.

  • We shall uphold and communicate our values and requirements at our workplaces and vis-à-vis our business partners.

  • We shall ensure that we avoid human rights violations and always act responsibly and forcefully in cases where we identify a risk for such.

  • We safeguard personal integrity and ensure that personal data and disclosures that the company may obtain or use in its operations are handled in accordance with applicable laws and rules
  • We do not tolerate child labour or any form of forced labour in our own operations or among our vendors and suppliers. We strictly adhere to national and international minimum age laws in all places where we conduct operations and are particularly cognizant when we employ young people. No employee shall be required to relinquish his or her identification documents or pay a deposit upon the start of employment.
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