All employees are encouraged to report any deviations from the Code of Conduct

What happens for violations of the Code of Conduct?

  • If you see something that worries or troubles you, or that may constitute a violation of the Code of Conduct, you are to report it immediately. Indutrade and Senmatic takes every reported violation seriously and will investigate the matter and take suitable action.

  • The information you provide will be treated confidentially. Apart from violations of law, the information will be provided only to the persons who must be informed in order to be able to deal with the matter. You should always know that your report is in the best interests of your colleagues and the company, and a person who has reported a justifiable suspicion shall never be subject to any form of reprisal.

How do I report a possible violation?

  • Your manager is usually the person best-suited to handle your matter. If for some reason you do not feel comfortable talking with your manager, or if despite having reported a case or a complaint you feel that it has not been taken seriously, you can always contact a member of Group Management or turn to Indutrade’s whistle blower function, by reporting your suspicion via the e-mail address: whistleblow@indutrade.se.

  • The CFO of Indutrade will receive and handle your report. If you have reported a suspected violation of the Code of Conduct, you can expect that your report will be investigated confidentially, promptly and profession-ally. If a violation can be proved to have taken place, Indutrade’s management will review the matter and decide on any actions. You will receive feedback on how your report has been handled.
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