Greenhouse ventilation is important for keeping growing conditions in the greenhouse optimal. The gears and racks need to match perfectly the mechanical components required for opening and closing windows and screens. Gear motors must similarly match all voltages, speeds and power sources.

For greenhouse builders and growers, we supply durable and low-maintenance mechanical climate components built to withstand the harsh environment inside the greenhouse.


Relevant products for Mechanical Climate Control

LG25 Gear Motor

For high performance and quiet operation

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LG120 Gear Motor

Designed for operating vents and screens

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LG240 Gear Motor

Gear motor with high performance

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LG403 & LG405 Gear Motor

The ultimate system automation

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When reduced speed is required

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WVII Heat Valve

Reliable 3-way regulation valve

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Rack & Pinion

Rack-and-pinion vent opening system

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