Find your LED distributor in the list below and get a lighting plan

To cover your need for a optimized production, we can support you in getting the right type of LED fixtures. We will always start with a talk about which kind of production you have through the year, and afterwards we will make a lighting plan showing your need for LED fixtures.

The only information we need from you is the following:

  • The length + width + height of your greenhouse
  • The wanted light quantity stated in either µmol or PAR
  • Which crops you grow and the height of them
  • In case you have tables in your greenhouse, we would also like to know the height of those

Please find your distributor in the country list below, and let him help you getting a lighting plan. You are of course also welcome to contact him or us for more information about our LED solutions.

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How to choose the optimal LED solution

How to choose the optimal LED solution

To utilize the total efficiency of LED grow light, it is important to install an LED set-up that matches your greenhouse and the specific cultures and demands of your crop.

In this guide, you get an overview of which LED fixtures to choose for different horticultural circumstances – so you can find the optimal LED fixture for your production. 

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