A Business in Bloom

A Business in Bloom

Preparing for the Future with the Optimal Fertilizer Solution

One year after installing the AMI Penta fertilizer solution, German-based Blumen Colmorgen has not only experienced significant time savings but also improved production quality. As the business grows, the company’s fertilizer solution will adapt to suit their needs.

Founded in 1880, Blumen Colmorgen has more than a century of experience within the greenhouse industry. The company produces house plants and potted plants within an area measuring 5000 square metres. This requires an optimized fertilizer solution.

– We have worked with DGT by Senmatic on fertilization and irrigation since 1979 because our production processes require the best in the market, says Sven Colmorgen, Director at Blumen Colmorgen.


Optimizing production through advanced and versatile fertilization

Fertilizer mixers are an important part of commercial greenhouses, ensuring the right pH-value, nutrient concentration and conditions for each culture and cultivar, thereby enabling production of high quality products. To create optimal conditions for all plants, however, a fertilizer mixer must have a high level of controllability, as cultivars are different and have varying needs.

The AMI Penta fertilizer mixer from DGT by Senmatic is built and adjusted to match each specific user’s needs. The system’s built-in software allows users to create up to 100 irrigation groups and 20 recipes. This offers flexibility for productions with changing cultures and cultivars.

– The system is controlled from a touch screen and can be connected to a laptop or tablet for easy remote controlling, explains Mads Andersen, R&D Manager at DGT by Senmatic, noting that the device’s ease of use is one of its main selling points.

According to Mads Andersen, the AMI Penta is one of the most user-friendly and easy adjustable fertilizer mixers in the market. 

"What makes our AMI Penta fertilizer mixer special is that it’s versatile and possible to easily adjust for production changes."

Mads Andersen R&D Manager at DGT by Senmatic

Time and quality benefits

The user-friendly and adjustable features of the AMI Penta are the main reason for Blumen Colmorgen’s choice of fertilizer solution:

– It is essential that we can modify and improve our methods and the quality of our produce, Sven Colmorgen states, adding that programming the AMI Penta is surprisingly simple.

– Compared to earlier fertilization solutions, we spend less time on programming and handling. In the few instances when we have needed assistance, DGT by Senmatic’s team has been quick and extremely competent. We experience a significantly improved problem solving with the online service.

In Sven Colmorgen’s experience, the benefits go beyond spending less time:

– We have increased sales by 5% due to the improved quality of our products and more precise fertilization dosage, he explains.  

Advantages of the AMI Penta Fertilizer Mixer 

  • Advanced production control and optimization
  • Flexible setup of 100 irrigation groups
  • Pre-programming of up to 20 recipes
  • Multi-language software with user-friendly menu
  • Modular system that can be designed for your needs

A fertilizer mixer that adapts to changing needs

As the horticulture industry develops, so do the fertilization methods and greenhouse technologies on which it depends. Investing in the right equipment is crucial to ensure long-term advantages and competitiveness.

– Your fertilizer system needs to be able to grow with your company, Mads Andersen emphasizes.

Every system and technology upgrade is expensive, he points out, which is why the unique modularity of the AMI Penta is vital.

– It means that the system can be adjusted for changes in production processes, new requirements or increased ambitions. It can be expanded with extra modules if needed – or customized for new or different cultures. This is an extremely important element of the AMI Penta fertilizer mixer, simply because it enables you to increase and optimize production and make organizational changes in the future without being forced to invest in a new fertilization system. The AMI Penta adapts correspondingly, Mads Andersen explains.

At Blumen Colmorgen, ambitions are high.

– Our company keeps growing, so we need solutions that can change and expand with our company, says Sven Colmorgen, concluding:

– From our experience, there is nothing better than the AMI Penta. Both production processes and quality is better. Once you start working with DGT by Senmatic, you will keep working with DGT by Senmatic!

Read more about our fertilizer solutions. 

“For our customers to harvest their full business potential it is important that we offer wise solutions that not only deliver short-term advantages. We wish to grow with our customers’ businesses and continuously offer the best solutions on the market. The AMI Penta fertilizer mixer is one of those solutions.”

Mads Andersen R&D Manager at DGT by Senmatic
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