Garden Center Hageland Raglamyr, Norway

Hageland Raglamyr Hagesenter
Hageland represents more than 50 of Norway's leading garden centres. The Haugesund location sells indoor and outdoor plants, garden furniture and plant-related products. When it came to choosing a solution, ensuring that products would maintain their integrity and look their best were major areas of focus.

Optimal colour recognition
Hageland Raglamyr Hagesenter installed the FL300 Sunlight in hot and cold sectors as well as stock areas. The garden centre sought a solution that offered optimal colour recognition while still promoting plant quality, and FL300 Sunlight delivered. The system supplies sufficient homogenous light - meaning that all colors can be seen to their best advantage with optimal light quality. The LCC 4 controls the light intensity so that the LUX level on plants and products is steady throughout the garden centre.

In comparison with traditional fluorescent lighting, both customers and employees of the garden centre report experiencing a "feel good" atmosphere with the FL300 Sunlight. And importantly, there are substantial cost savings to this solution over fluorescent lighting.

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