How to choose the optimal irrigation and fertilizing solution

How to choose the optimal irrigation and fertilizing solution

The right amount of nutrients and of water at the same time are key to ensure optimal growing conditions. With our irrigation and fertilizing solutions, you can do just that – and adjust as needed. Here is what to consider when constructing your optimal solution.

All our fertilizer mixing solutions are designed to make sure that water and nutrients are delivered to the plants at the right time, in the right amounts, and with the correct adjustments of proportion, concentration, and pH value of nutrients.

The solutions are developed for ease of use and high reliability in a compact design, combining high precision software, a touchscreen, and a modular construction. We customize the products to fit your exact need – everything from the pump, number of fertilizer tanks, irrigation valves, and return tanks for water reuse are customizable. This way you can also easily expand your system at a later point, if needed.

A brief overview of fertilizer and irrigation products

AMI Penta Fertilizer Mixer

AMI Penta can control fertigation with irrigation for up to 100 groups with individual start conditions. Software, recipes and opening valves are included – and can be scaled with no extra cost. In other words: The AMI Penta is designed for your precise needs and special requirements with world-class fertilizing precision!

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AMI Penta Bio Mixer

With the AMI Penta Bio you can irrigate with biomass. Bio irrigation is based on flow of water and irrigates the culture medium at a very precise dosage. If you have our AMI Penta Mixer, you can add the bio-part with a Bio Venturi.

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AMI Penta Controller

If you have an older well-maintained fertilizer mixer in operation and wish to upgrade it to the latest irrigation and fertilizing standards, you can add the AMI Penta Controller instead of purchasing a completely new mixer: with it you get all the newest software to update and optimize your older mixer. The older mixer can be from other brands.

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VA Penta Irrigation Controller

The VA Penta controls irrigation valves – most often in nurseries and garden centers – and can control up to 100 groups with up to 30 valves in each. Up to 9 valves can irrigate at the same time. Manual start is also an option. The VA Penta is only for fresh water; it does not control EC or pH. 

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What to consider when constructing your solution

With your point of contact at DGT by Senmatic, several questions must be covered to customize the optimal solution for your needs and business. These include:


The number of cubic meters per hour. This defines the pump size.

Dosing units

The number of fertilize dosing units determines the number of venturis needed.

pH Control

Do you wish to control pH? If yes, a pH sensor must be added.

Data Collection

Do you have existing DGT by Senmatic products you want to collect data from, such as a pre-installed SuperLink?


The number of irrigation valves needed.

Water re-use

Do you want to re-use water to optimize water resources? If so, a return tank must be added.

Recycle return water to optimize your water resources

You can reuse the return water and mix it with fresh water according to a percentage ratio. The return water is in a separate basin in which fresh water is not mixed. Return water and fresh water are mixed as mentioned in a defined percentage ratio the moment it flows into the mixer. As a result, water resources are optimized.

The cultures are watered and fertilized based on the predefined fertilizer recipes and thereby based on the needs of the plants. The fact that fresh water and return water are not in the same basin has the great advantage that the return water basin does not need an unnecessarily large capacity.

Using return water is an AMI Penta Mixer feature.

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Improve production quality and cut time consumption with the optimal fertilizer solution

Improve production quality and cut time consumption with the optimal fertilizer solution

In just one year, German-based Blumen Colmorgen has experienced several short-term advantages: significant time savings with easier programming, improved problem solving, and increased product quality with a more precise dosage of fertilization.

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