Lettuce & Herbs

Spisa Smaker AB - former Swedeponic
Based in Sweden, Spisa Smaker AB is Europe's largest producer of growing herbs. Production on this scale requires serious electricity efficiency, and after testing a number of LED solutions Spisa Smaker AB chose to invest in the FL300 Grow from DGT by Senmatic.

No downsides
In a large full-scale demonstration, the FL300 enabled a 48% savings in electricity without compromising production gain or taste. For savings like this, growers might expect losses elsewhere, but not with the FL300.

Spisa Smakers UK's Managing Director Patrick Bastow states: "No, we didn't see any downsides. Nor did we see the need to increase the heating in the LED crops to cope with the loss of infrared heat that you normally get with HPS."

 The Spisa Smaker installation is another example of a successful large-scale LED installation generating electricity savings while producing high-quality plants. Now in action in four different Spisa Smaker locations, each installation has a customized focus - from producing tasty, high-quality herbs to enhancing the red colour in specific lettuce varieties.

Ulf Jonsson, CEO at Spisa Smaker says:
"When the FL300 system was used at the same intensity as conventional HPS lighting, it generated electricity savings of 48%."

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