Significantly improved strawberry growth with LED

Gartneriet Skovhavegård Bær is a 3-year-old nursery producing strawberries. For the last 2 seasons they have used LED fixtures to improve the growth of the berries. But not only the growth has been improved.  The length of the season has been extended, too, now starting in April and ending in the middle of November. The vision is to produce strawberries all year round.

For the grower it is vital to deliver high quality strawberries to local markets and to major super- market chains. Therefore, it was decided to improve the production by using LED fixtures from DGT by Senmatic, and after support from the responsible sales person, the choice fell on the controllable FL300 Grow.

Due to the controllability of the FL300 Grow, the spectral composition and light intensity were adjusted to the exact needs of the strawberry sort.

The conclusion is that the sort Favori gets a substantially larger plant and root, and the number of leaves and clusters increases, too. The most important, though, is that the plant obtains 1-2 flowers more per cluster, and the LED light improves the conditions for the plant to grow the extra flowers.

As an aside the grower mentions that using LED fixtures demands more irrigation, and the fertilizing must be carefully controlled. However, as he uses the AMI Penta fertilizer and irrigation mixer as a part of the SIIP system (Senmatic Intelligent Irrigation Program), this doesn’t cause any problems.

Lars Friis, Partner at Gartneriet Skovhavegård Bær, says:
“It is obvious that the LED light results in a stronger plant from the beginning of the production. The competition for quality strawberries is very strong, but when growing the berries in a controlled climate, it enables us to optimize the growth to a greater extent than if grown outdoors”.

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