Tomatoes - the Hybrid solution

Alfred Pedersen & Søn ApS
Alfred Pedersen & Søn ApS is the largest tomato grower in Denmark, growing 5 types of tomato on 12 hectares of land. Each tomato type carries specific growth requirements. The company sought a new solution to enhance production volume while maintaining quality.

High quality with the Hybrid solution
Growing tomatoes is a combination of producing a high kg/m2 volume while keeping quality high all year round. Traditionally, tomatoes were grown with standard HPS light, but DGT by Senmatic offers an economical solution that unites the best of both worlds: The Hybrid solution. This solution combines heat radiation from conventional lights and the photosynthetic radiated light of the FL300 system. Together, the hybrid solution provides the capability to grow high-quality tomatoes without changing your entire system all at once.

The illustration shows that installing the FL300 system is as easy as installing HPS and existing cabling and rails can be utilized in the setup. And the benefits of the hybrid system are immediate: the installation tops up the installed lights with an extra 90 µmol/m²/s, stimulating efficient tomato growth and increasing yield and production.

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