Growing Micro Greens

Growing Micro Greens

Micro Greens

If you produce micro greens for catering companies or restaurants you know that the green sprinkle doesn’t just look good and add colour to the dishes, but also that the taste is out of the ordinary. Delivering micro greens with just the right intense taste on the plants’ early stages right between sprout and baby green, perhaps also with the seed leaf, careful time management and frequent harvest is most likely a considerable part of your everyday work.

Luckily, our controller technology increases accuracy and makes your daily tasks in the greenhouse much easier.

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Automatic control of irrigation, climate, and grow lights

The short production time on micro greens puts great demands on predictability and precision to ensure the correct high quality, as products are packed for delivery to customers. With solutions from DGT by Senmatic, you have full control of the plants’ growth stages, which improves accuracy and predictability.

To ensure optimal growth conditions, plants must receive accurate irrigation. Our high-precision Irrigation and Fertilizer Mixers make sure that water is delivered to the plants at exactly the right time, in the right amounts, and with the correct nutrients in the correct proportion.

Grow light is also a crucial factor – not just in terms of timing and when plants receive light. The distribution of blue and red light and light intensity are particularly important factors and have massive impact on plant growth and appearance. These factors are all adjustable with LED grow lights from DGT by Senmatic.

In terms of climate, monitoring and controlling the complex processes in industrial greenhouses that create an optimal climate for the cultures produced is vital. DGT by Senmatic’s Electronic Climate Controls handle all climate factors in up to 16 climate zones.

Truly, you have a lot on your to do list.

We deliver both complete solutions and single products for precise irrigation, effective grow lights, and complete climate control – all with the possibility to make custom settings and with full adjustability to make sure that outputs match the cultures you have in production here and now as well as the plants’ current growth stage.

AMI Penta fertilizer and irrigation mixer

For precise fertigation with irrigation control Available as Bio-mixer, too

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LCC series for electronic climate control

Several models for climate management with a myriad of options

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LED-lamper - several variants with many options

See all fixtures - some controllable, others simpler - depending on need

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SuperLink 6 - the link between several products

Software for data collection and analysis for optimal climate management

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Considering growing in layers?

Micro greens are well-suited for vertical production. Vertical production is also known as Vertical Farming, and here it is all about making use of the cubic meters instead of square meters. The height of micro greens means that the layers can be placed close to one another, and that you as a result can fit far more plants into your current production space.

To gain full benefit of cultures grown in layers, we have developed LED grow lights designed for just that: Our Grow Verti LED is an ultra slim solution used to utilize your entire space. As is the case for other LED solutions from DGT by Senmatic, the Grow Verti is adjustable. That allows you to adjust the spectral distribution (the percentage of blue light) and the light intensity to tailor the light to the needs of your specific culture.

If you are curious about the advantages of growing in multiple layers, click this link to learn more.

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