Future-Proof your SOFT FRUIT production

Increase the yield - Save labour - Reduce costs

Meeting the market’s increased demands
In order to ensure both the quality and quantity of the harvested product and thereby being able to fulfill sales agreements, the grower must have increased focus on both correct irrigation and fertilizer.

The traditional way of producing Soft Fruit has been by manually operating watering and fertilizer, and it has been a time-consuming task to ensure timely irrigation. For some this might have caused a poorer yield with plants of varying quality. The SIIP system is a state-of-the-art system and helps you saving time, ensures proper irrigation and fertilizer, and thereby greater and better yield - and at the same time achieves a cost saving - now and in the future.

Is your production system up-to-date and future-proofed? In case your answer is no, please read our further information - and if yes, we are sure that we will still be able to help you improving your production and output.


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Fully automatic "fly by wire" feed and irrigation control

  • Save water and fertilizer by timely irrigation
  • Increased yield and high plant quality with minimised risk of diseases
  • Save labour due to the automated irrigation system
  • Short return on investment
  • Satisfy customer's need for uniform products
  • Standard software included for the whole set-up
  • Work with real time data
  • Prevent accumulation of fertilizer by EC-regulation on radiation / runoff amount and EC
  • Keep all data in-house - ease the data integration
  • In particular appropriate for Soft Fruit production in gutters - but is of course also suitable for other kind of productions

The SIIP system consists of the following parts:

Sun sensor - drain counter - EC-sensor - 4 x soil sensors - possible pH-sensor.
Furthermore an AMI Penta mixer will be needed for processing of the incoming data from the sensors.

To obtain the perfect and most effective system with the full overview, we recommend that you add a SuperLink to the SIIP system. SuperLink is software for central control and is used for collection of data from units installed in more geographical locations - but it is also an immeasurable tool if you have only one location.

Sun Sensor

  • 1 pcs is needed for the SIIP system
  • Secures automatic start of watering depending on the light radiation and EC regulation

Drain Counter

  • 1 pcs is needed for the SIIP system
  • Sun and drain regulation of the automatic start
  • Informs the AMI Penta mixer of how many drains are left after the watering. Based on this information the mixer gives a start signal for watering by the predefined watering interval
  • Can be expanded with EC and/or pH sensors for reading of drain water

Soil Sensor

  • 4 pcs are needed for the SIIP System
  • Measuring of humidity and temperature of the growing medium
  • Gives signal for watering and reduces the risk of drying-up

AMI Penta - Fertilizer and Irrigation mixer

  • 1 pcs is needed for the SIIP System
  • Built for now and future needs
  • All software is included in the system, so no cost for updates
  • Simple and advanced control of plant growth
  • Always delivered with mixing tank
  • Control of return water
  • 4 time zones per day - 4 different watering strategies
  • Flexible set-up of the system
  • Available in many languages
  • And a lot more...Please read more here - or download the product sheet

SuperLink - Software for central control

  • 1 pcs is recommended for the SIIP System
  • Set-up the overview main menu and see your prefered data from different departments
  • Calendar function for planning of future actions
  • Central control and change of set-points of installed units
  • Easy change between cultures by use of your own stored plant recipes
  • Report generator for documentation and analyzing of growth conditions
  • Quick and easy export of data for your own or consultant’s use
  • Central collection of data from climate controls, irrigation and fertilizer mixers from all departments
  • Your own naming of eg. heating valves, windows, screens etc.
  • Possible to add set-points to a favorites list
  • Read more here - or download the product sheet
Make the most of your business by the optimum irrigation

Make the most of your business by the optimum irrigation

The advanced and optimum solution

For you with a production for which you want the total advanced and optimum solution, this will also be possible. That can be done by adding a few products to the SIIP System:

Temp. & Humidity Sensor

- For reading and start of watering if the temperature is too high or humidity is too low
- Ensuring harvest during critical stages

Temperature sensor

- Reading of temperature by the culture and freeze protection programme
- Can also start watering for lowering the temperature

Weather station open fields

- Wind direction / speed, radiation, temperature and humidity
- For individually use in groups for watering strategy

Rain Counter

- Collecting data of the rainfall
- Postponement / reduction of watering in open fields

Other sensors

In case you need other sensors than the mentioned ones, we are open to asses the possibility of integration in our AMI Penta fertilizer mixer. You are welcome to contact us


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