Products for complete and configurable solutions

Products for complete and configurable solutions

Our Product Range

Senmatic delivers complete and configurable solutions for horticultural applications such as electronic and mechanical climate control, irrigation and fertilizer mixing and LED lighting. Our electronic and mechanical equipment for modern horticultural production is used in almost all horticultural applications, ranging from greenhouses and indoor farming to research facilities and garden centers.

Our whole product range has been divided into groups to make it easier for you to find the relevant product. Below you can find a short description of our product groups.

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LED Lighting

Controllable spectral composition and light intensity and energy saving LED 

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Electronic Climate Control

Advanced climate computers creating the optimal climate for your plants

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Analog Climate Control

Motor relays, temperature / heat regulators & more for an optimal climate

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Mechanical Climate

Gears, racks & heating valves for opening / closing windows and screens

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Irrigation & Fertilizer Mixers

For optimal irrigation and fertilizer mixing ensuring the best growth conditions

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Mechanical Irrigation

Equipment for mobile & stationary bench systems for effectively watering

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Water Purification

UV disinfection system for effective water treatment and re-circulation

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SuperLink 6 is the software collecting climate and irrigation / fertilizing data 


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