LCC4 Climate computer from Senmatic

Knowledge of Electronic Climate Control

DGT by Senmatic supplies advanced climate computers for the monitoring and control of the complex processes in commercial greenhouses, creating the optimal climate for plants.

Logic Climate Control (LCC) computers control all climate functions. Operation is based on a logically constructed menu, and the display shows the settings most frequently used by the growers. The modular system makes it easy to add more sections or climate zones, expanding the system to handle more functions and expand with more greenhouses. 

The communication is fast and the system built up using our own Superlink software, enabling the advantages of dynamic climate control.

DGT by Senmatic's electronic climate control products are highly reliable and can handle extreme environments. These include:

  • Logic Climate Control (LCC) products for intuitive and configurable monitoring and control from single greenhouses up to 16 climate zones
  • Climate sensors from complete weather stations to temperature, humidity and CO2 controllers available which can be added and combined as required
  • If your requirement is for an analog system comprising climate and heat regulators for simple, double or top/side vent opening control, we can supply this too

All systems can be combined and extended as required.


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Products for Electronic Climate Control


The High-Capacity Climate Control with a myriad of options - for up to 16 comp.

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LCC2 Touch

The Extended Climate Control for 1 compartment

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The Basic Climate Control for 1 compartment

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LCC1 Tunnel

The Basic Climate Control for Tunnels for 1 compartment

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Comparison of LCC Electronic Climate Control

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The compact outdoor meteorological station

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RTF-6 / RTFC-7 Sensor

Combined sensor for measuring weather conditions

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Climate Sensors

Correct measurement of actual plant conditions

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Fan for greenhouses

The Highly efficient fan

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Remote alarm for greenhouses

Monitors the climate in 1-20 departments

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Leaf temperature sensor

Keep an eye on the plant's well-being

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