Climate Sensors

Correct measurement of actual plant conditions

Sensors need to measure climate conditions following the same principles by which plants perceive the environment. For example, the light sensor Q20 measures the light in light quantum in exactly the same way that plants ‘see’ light. One consequence of this is that the screens open in the morning when the plants use the available light, and not based on our assumptions.

A well-adapted climate is a condition for prime quality plants. Good and accurate sensors are of great importance for integrating and optimal climate into the climate control.

6 different sensors for different measurings - 5 are suitable for both analoque climate control and climate computers - 1 is only suitable for analogue climate control.

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What's in it for you?

Measures room temperature (RT10)

Measures solar radiation (SC21B)

Measures pot temperature (PF5 / PF10)

Measures flow temperature (E10)

Further functions Download product sheet
Further functions

Further essential functions

  • Measures the light in light quantum in exactly the same way that plants "see" light
  • Durable sensors
  • Ensures correct climate conditions
  • Stable measuring sensors
Download product sheet

Download product sheet

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Climate Control

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