Fan for greenhouses

The highly efficient fan for your greenhouse
The growth of plants depends on a whole series of factors. In a controlled environment, which a greenhouse provides, the optimum climate required can be created and precisely regulated by controlling the temperature, irrigation and other parameters, due to the flexible and easy operation using a keyboard.

Correct ventilation also plays a key role. The air available in the greenhouse must be circulated, exchanged and evenly distributed. The fan compensates the temperature in the greenhouse and changes the humidity around the micro climate at the plant.

Low operation costs
The overall system of greenhouse fans has been further optimized resulting in above-average efficiency and low operating costs. The system components are convincing right down to the last detail, such as the bionic blade modelled as the wings of an owl.

The ECblue high-efficiency motor is available to reduce operating costs even further, providing activation via 0-10V, 4-20mA or MODBUS. This sets new standars for efficiency.

High durability
High corrosion protection is one of the factors contributing to the system’s special durability. The nozzle and blade are made of high performance composite material, while all the other metal parts are coated in accordance with greenhouse requirements. Extensive laboratory and field tests confirm suitability for greenhouse use.

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What's in it for you?

Low operating cost

Compensates the temperature

Optimizes the micro climate

Low energy consumption

Easy assembly

Robust and durable

Future-proof efficiency

Optimal design

Further functions Download product sheet Technical specifications
Further functions

Further essential functions

You can find diagrams for the following, when downloading the product sheet (go to download in the menu):

  • Power input
  • Air performance
  • Acoustics
  • How to connect
Download product sheet

Download product sheet

Technical specifications


  • Supply voltage: 1~200-277V 50/60Hz P1210W 1.05-0.78A 1100 min-1 60° C
  • Electrical connection: Integrated controller
  • Control: ECblue basic + MODBUS
  • Min. operating temperature: -35° C
  • Max. volume flow rate: 4,536 m2/h
  • Proofing: IP54
  • Colour rotor: RAL 5002 (ultramarine blue)
  • Colour housing: White
  • Weight: 11.2 kg
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Climate Control

Get visual information of the different options for getting an optimal climate control of your greenhouse.