AMI Penta bio- and fertilizer Mixer

For precise dosing of biomass (bio-fertilizer and beneficials / microorganisms) based on flow of water

By mixing biomass, the addition can irrigate the culture medium at a very precise dosage. AMI Penta controls the irrigation flow so that the software in the mixer allows for different dosing strategies. Exact dosing ensures you control and thus success with your production.

The bio-part (venturi) can be connected to your existing AMI Penta or the function is available in a new mixer equipped with the desired number of bio-venturi. Therefore, the mixer can also function as a common fertilizer mixer with e.g. Ec, but simply with the Bio-program as an extra option. 

Software for all groups, recipes and control of valves are all included in the price - meaning no extra future cost if your needs change.

Easy to operate
AMI Penta fertilizer mixer is easy to operate with well-arranged menus shown on a 10.1” touch screen. Many languages are available and switching between them is very simple. This minimizes the risk and human errors in nurseries employing people of different nationality.

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Large capacity and flexibility

AMI Penta can control up to 100 groups with individual start conditions. For each group you can choose between 20 different fertilizer recipes with information about EC, pH and the fertilizer mix. Each group can control up to 30 valves, and these can be chosen freely between the 200 valves available today in the mixer. Up to 9 valves can irrigate at the same time giving a maximal utilization of the capacity. Irrigation time and irrigation volume can be set individually for each valve.

Underlining it’s quality, AMI Penta operates with the very well-known brand GRUNDFOS as the main mixer pump.

Optimizing water resources

To get the same water mix to all valves in the same group, you can mix fresh water sources and return water in ratio percentages. Up to 8 return water basins can be selected with individual control. Thereby the return water is recycled and the water resources optimized. You can read more here.

Modern technology
When you buy an AMI Penta, you get exactly the functions and the functionality you need. The software in AMI Penta is based on a standard operating system and is easy to update and expand with more functions and larger capacity when needed. AMI Penta can be connected to one central PC with the SuperLink central control program for further analysis.

What's in it for you?

  • Precise dosing of biomass (bio-fertilizers and beneficials /microorganisms) based on flow of water from the mixer to your cultures

  • Dosing of biomass can be done independently on EC and pH

  • Savings on working hours and use of biomass

  • Software for all groups, recipes and opening of valves is included in the price - no extra future cost if your needs change

  • Recycling of return water and thus optimizing of water resources

  • Reliable - high quality - long-lasting mixer

  • Advanced control of plant growth by use of sensors

  • Always delivered with mixing tank - ensuring the right mix of fertilizers and thereby higher accuracy of EC and pH control

  • Several starting options by additional choice of various sensors

  • To be designed for your special requirements - and with up to 8 bio-venturi

  • Many languages are available and switching between them is very simple. This minimizes the risk of human errors in nurseries employing people of different nationality

Further functions Download product sheet Technical specifications
Further functions

Essential functions

  • Bio-programme - the mixer is available with up to 8 bio-venturi
  • Your own naming of fertilizer recipes and irrigation groups
  • Based on modules meaning flexible design for easy expansion
  • Collection of data and full control of mixer via PC program SuperLink
  • Flexible setup of the system - sensors can be used across the watering groups
  • 6 time zones per day - 6 different watering strategies - ensuring the EC/pH is automatic adjusted each morning and night
  • Several alarm setups
  • SIIP (Senmatic Intelligent Irrigation Program)

Please see the product sheet for a lot more functions and options.

More functions

  • Tanks, recirculation: 8
  • Fertilizer recipes: 20 - can be pre-programmed
  • Irrigation groups: 100
  • Irrigation valves: 200
  • Up to 9 valves can irrigate at the same time maximizing capacity utilization
  • Mixing of fresh water and return water
  • Manual start of individual valves
  • Possible to start via external units
  • Sun integrator and drain control
  • Irrigation on time or volume and volume registration
  • Frost protection
  • 24 hour program and week program
  • Flow from 5 - 200 m3
Download product sheet

Download product sheet

Technical specifications


System requirements for the Bio mixer

  • Flow sensor on outgoing flow
  • Space in Venturi unit for bio venturi
  • Software version 1.2.35 or newer


  • Supply voltage: 3 x 230 V / 400 V AC - +10/-15 %, 50/60 Hz
  • Flow rate - Inline: 7 - 58 m3/h, 3 to 8 bar
  • Flow rate - AMIGO - Injector system: 40 - 200 m3/h, 3 to 9 bar
  • Fertilizer dosing units, small model: 2 - 5 units (one could be pH), 1 pump, mixing tank 130 L
  • Fertilizer dosing units, large model: 2 - 8 units (one could be pH), 1 or 2 pumps <32 m3/h, Mixing tank 350 L
  • Min. / Max. flow in the bio-venturi: 0.25 l/m - 6 l/m - depending on the pump size, though
  • Irrigation valves: 24 V DC, 0.5 A
  • Alarm outputs: 1 digital output 24 V DC, 0.5 A
  • Communication: Ethernet
  • Communication to EXP: Powerlink on Ethernet
  • Main mixer pump, brand: Grundfos



  • Temperature, operation: 0 - 50° C (32 - 122° F), no direct sun radiation
  • Humidity: 0 - 95 % Rh without condensation
  • Density: IP65
  • Dimensions L x W x H: With 1 pump - 1200 x 790 x 1560 mm
  • Dimensions L x W x H: With 2 pumps - 1530 x 1400 x 2000 mm 

For further information about number of pumps, valves, groups etc. and for information about the content of the program and more, please go to download product sheet.

Recycling of return water - and thereby optimization of water resources:

Optimization of water resources

With AMI Penta you can reuse the return water and mix it with fresh water according to a percentage ratio. The return water is in a separate basin in which fresh water is not mixed. Return water and fresh water are mixed as mentioned in a defined percentage ratio the moment it flows into the mixer. As a result, water resources are optimized.

The cultures are watered and fertilized based on the predefined fertilizer recipes and thereby based on the needs of the plants. The fact that fresh water and return water are not in the same basin has the great advantage that the return water basin does not need an unnecessarily large capacity.

Download diagram

Advantages of the return water system:

  • There are 3 level sensors in the return water basin which, based on the user's definition of the percentage ratio between return water and fresh water, give a signal to the mixer about the water level and thereby how the water is to be mixed. In addition, the sensors ensure that the basin does not overflow, and water damage is therefore not a risk.

  • Significant water savings are achieved by reusing the return water.

  • AMI Penta can basically control up to 8 different return water basins.

  • The software for controlling return water and fresh water is pre-installed so that the mixer is ready to work with return water when it is delivered.

  • Since return water and fresh water are not mixed in the same basin, the return water basin can be of a smaller size - the advantage is, among other things, that fewer costs are used for establishment.

  • All available water is used to avoid spillage.

  • Another environmental benefit is to prevent return water with fertilizer residues from seeping into the soil.

  • The size of the return water basin is calculated on the basis of water consumption and water needs as well as the capacity in your production.

  • We are happy to assist with the calculation of the size of the basin.

UV Water treatment for greenhouses

What should you be aware of when recycling water?

A risk of reusing the return water is that possibly infections that are drawn into the water can spread to other cultures. Therefore, it is important that the water is purified before it is recycled. This can be done in several ways, including by these two methods:

UV Water treatment:
UV-Water treatment ensures a gentle disinfection of water. The system consists of low-pressure lamps that use UV-C light at a wavelength of 254 nm to purify the water in an environmentally friendly way. It has been determined that precisely a wavelength of 254 nm. has the greatest killing effect against microorganisms such as bacteria, viruses and fungi.

You can read much more here about UV water treatment and how we can help determine what type of UV system you need in your production.

Here you can also get more information on how to avoid infection in the water - and how to treat diseases if they are unfortunately already there.

Another solution is dosing H2o2 concentrate, which contributes to improved fertilizer uptake. The amount of H2o2 is regulated in relation to the amount of water flow. This can be added through a bio-venturi mounted on the AMI Penta mixer - but the H2o2 system itself must be purchased from another supplier.

We will help you safely move forward in a future where resources are significantly optimized and water waste is a thing of the past!

If you are in doubt of how you find the right irrigation and fertilizer solution - or if you want to compare the different product within this range, you can get further information below:

Bio mixer developed in collaboration with customers in Germany and Austria

Two customers with the same need of irrigation with a precise dosing of biomass - and it should be controlled automatically. As there was no fertilizer mixer on the market which was able to do so, they contacted DGT by Senmatic. This resulted in an exciting and enriching collaboration - but what was more important was that it also ended up with the development of a bio-mixer that could meet the customer's requirements.

AMI Penta Fertilizer Mixer

Get visual information of how to take care of your plant's need by using the AMI Penta Fertilizer Mixer. 

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