AMI Penta bio-venturi for fertilizer and irrigation mixer

For precise, easy and automatic dosing of biomass 

This bio-venturi is a part to be added to the AMI Penta Bio Mixer, and this page describes the benefits and functions of the bio-venturi. The full information of the Bio Mixer is to be found here.

By mixing biomass (bio-fertilizer and beneficials / microorganisms), the addition can irrigate the culture medium at a very precise dosage. AMI Penta controls the irrigation flow so that the software in the mixer allows for different dosing strategies. Exact dosing ensures you control and thus success with your production.

Where is Bio-Venturi particularly suitable?
One or more bio-venturi can among other things be used for:
• Bio-fertilizer
• Nematodes
• H2o2
• Bactimos
• Beneficials / microorganisms

What's in it for you - see more

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Each recipe has the opportunity to run with bio-fertilizers. The system includes eight bio-fertilizers, which can be enabled and disabled by the user in each recipe. In order to work with bio-fertilizer you need to have an outlet flow sensor, analog controlled proportional solenoid valve and analog flow transmitter. The ratio of each bio-fertilizer can via an adjusting valve be adjusted from 0,01% to 1% of the total main flow.

The bio-part (venturi) can be added to your existing AMI Penta or the function is available in a new mixer equipped with the desired number of bio-venturi. 

Software included - no extra future cost

The AMI Penta mixer contains software for all groups, recipes and control of valves are all included in the price - meaning no extra future cost if your needs change.

This software also includes many available languages, and switching between them is very simple. This minimizes the risk of human errors in nurseries employing people of different nationality.

The software ensures a mixer with large capacity and flexibility - and it helps you to optimize the water ressources.


What's in it for you?

  • Precise dosing of biomass (bio-fertilizers and beneficials /microorganisms) based on flow of water from the mixer to your cultures

  • Dosing of biomass can be done independently on EC and pH

  • Savings on working hours as irrigation of biomass is done automatically by the mixer

  • Savings on use of biomass - you only use the needed amount and don't have any waste

  • Software for all groups, recipes and opening of valves is included in the price - no extra future cost if your needs change

  • User-friendly software - you can also make your own setups

  • Up to 8 Bio-venturi can either be added to your existing AMI Penta Mixer - or a new AMI Penta Mixer can be equipped with the needed number of Bio-venturi

Bio-flow overview Download product sheet Further functions Technical specifications
Bio-flow overview

Bio-flow overview

Each bio-fertilizer regulates the flow from 0.25 l/m to 6 l/m (6 l/m is limited by the venturi itself and not by the flow transmitter).
The water flow is reduced by 0.75 m3/h per venturi or dummy venturi. This means that if the mixer is installed with a 10 m3/h pump, the maximum water flow will be 6.25 m3/h
(5 x 0.75 m3/h).
The percentage of bio-dosage ratio for the total water flow can be from 0.01% to 1%.

Download product sheet

Download product sheet

Further functions

Further functions

The software in the mixer gives you several possibilities of reading facts via simple menus. Among others you can find the following:

Bio-fertilizing can be included in every recipe, and the screen shows you:

  • A function selector to enable or disable bio-fertilizing in a recipe
  • A column showing if the single fertilizer is disabled or enabled
  • A ratio-column informing of the bio-dosing ratio of the total current outlet flow for each fertilizer

An overview of the bio-fertilizer activity showing you:

  • Reading of the current bio-flow demand for each bio-fertilizer calculated out of the current outlet flow in l/m
  • Reading of the direct bio-flow from the flow transmitter in l/m
  • Reading of the averaged bio-flow in l/m
  • Reading of the current deviation of the bio-flow measuring compared to the flow demand

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Technical specifications


System requirements for the Bio mixer when adding a bio-venturi

  • Flow sensor on outgoing flow
  • Space in Venturi unit for bio venturi
  • Software version 1.2.35 or newer

Technical specifications

There are no specific technical specifications for the Bio-Venturi, but technical information for the AMI Penta Bio Mixer is to be found here.

Bio mixer developed in collaboration with customers in Germany and Austria

Two customers with the same need of irrigation with a precise dosing of biomass - and it should be controlled automatically. As there was no fertilizer mixer on the market which was able to do so, they contacted DGT by Senmatic. This resulted in an exciting and enriching collaboration - but what was more important was that it also ended up with the development of a bio-mixer that could meet the customer's requirements.

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