Start tray / drain tray for irrigation control by Senmatic

Start Tray / Drain Tray

Let plant evaporation control the irrigation

Use a drain tray or a start tray and let the plants decide irrigation. The start tray and the drain tray are used to control the irrigation of cultures grown in Rockwool or perlite, for example tomatoes, cucumbers and other plants.

Water saving
Control of the drainage quantity saves water, and at the same time ensures that surplus nutrients and root exudates are not accumulated in the slabs.

Further possibilities
Registration of irrigations can be performed by connecting a PC with the SuperLink program installed. With the PC program, there are several possibilities to change the setpoints and collect the data.

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What's in it for you?

Irrigation control of cultures grown in rockwool or perlite

Exact dosing of Water and fertilizer

Registration of irrigation by connecting to SuperLink

Control of the desired drainage percentage

Download product sheet Technical specifications
Download product sheet

Download product sheet

Technical specifications


What is required to use the drain program?

  • A drain tray with drain registration equipment connected to an AMI Fertilizer Mixer and, in some cases, a climate computer LCC1200, version Super, with irrigation program
  • Drainage from the drain tray must not exceed 300 ml/min
  • Standard lengths of the start tray/drain tray are 200 cm and 240 cm, but special lengths can also be delivered on request
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