Senmatic's irrigation controller

VA60-8 Irrigation Controller

Simple control of irrigation valves

VA60-8 is a low-priced high-quality irrigation controller that is very simple to operate. With VA60-8, an exact control of the time and start of irrigation – just when the plants need water – is ensured. The irrigation time is adjusted for each valve with the rotary switch and is started by pushing a button. If automatic starts are required, the VA60-8 is available with a time-switch that can be adjusted to fxed irrigation times, or a tensiometer may be connected that will start an irrigation when the soil or the irrigation mat has dried out.

Separate start for each valve
Not all plants need water at the same time. There is a difference between the various cultures in the house or in the developmental stage of the plants. Unique for the irrigation controller VA60-8 is the possibility of starting irrigation in every single irrigation group separately, just when the plants in this group are in need of water. By connecting an external sensor such as a tensiometer or a start tray, the valve will start independent of the remaining valves in the irrigation controller.

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What's in it for you?

  • Manual and automatic differential irrigation with many possibilities

  • Exact control of irrigation – according to the plants needs

  • Easy to operate

  • Automatic start of separate irrigation valves

  • Expandable with 16 additional valves

  • Low priced - high quality

  • Adjusted to the plant's need

  • Available with time-switch

  • Can start either by using time-switch, manually or with external start

Download product sheet Technical specifications
Download product sheet

Download product sheet

Technical specifications



  • Supply: 230 C / 115 V / 24 V AC +10 % / -15 %. Can be supplied with 24 V AC
  • Inputs: 10 Potential free contacts
  • Valve outputs: 8 valve outputs 1.5 A - 27 V AC
  • Pump outputs: Potential free connection contacts 230 V AC 2 A with RC link
  • Signal outputs: Open collector outputs max. 24 V DC 50 mA
  • Temperature: 0 - 50° C without direct sun radiation
  • Humidity: 0 - 100 % RH without condensation
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