The future of light: LED grow lights

Growing plants is no longer limited to traditional industrial greenhouses – if you have space, you can grow, whether in a traditional greenhouse, vertical farms, growing directly in closed containers, or even underground with no natural sunlight. New growth conditions require new and smarter light solutions. Lights for growing plants have never been more important – and LED is the answer.

Do you want to grow herbs in an old warehouse? Do you want flexibility to change the cultures in your commercial greenhouse? You guessed it: we can construct the optimal commercial LED grow lights solution for you. Our products are of the best quality and we have been a commercial LED grow lights manufacturer since 2005.

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Durable technology, easy to use

Our solutions are designed to withstand the harsh environment of a greenhouse and uphold performance year after year. The minimalistic design means easy installation using standard connection technology, and with a minimal shadow footprint. LED top lights integrate fully into DGT by Senmatic’s electronic climate control systems.

Will my investment be worthwhile?

When considering an investment in LED grow light systems, you usually only calculate on the exact cost – how much does a fixture cost, and what is the ROI? There are many more savings and advantages to consider, such as the impact on production times and efficiency. Many growers now focus on these extra savings – a significant fact to keep in mind and include in your cost-benefit-analysis when considering investing in commercial LED grow lights. 

Reduce climate footprint by using LEDs

LEDs are far more energy effective than traditional lighting. With LED diodes you save energy and reduce your climate footprint compared to using HPS. In addition to improved efficiency, LEDs have a number of other environmentally friendly benefits: LEDs emit significantly less surplus heat, you produce less energy waste, as LEDs do not require frequent change of bulbs, and you maintain CO2 inside your greenhouse, as you do not open windows as with a warm HPS-fixture. Moreover, LEDs from DGT by Senmatic can be dimmed to limit unnecessary use of resources.

It has also been proven that blue and red LEDs are particularly effective in terms of growth regulation, and both shorten production times and optimize plant growth more effectively than chemical PGRs. As a result, you can reduce your use of chemicals. We also know that red LEDs reduce reproduction among pests.

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Adjust spectral distribution to the plants’ growth stages

LED grow lights have major benefits compared to traditional HPS lighting. One of the major benefits is the ability to control the spectral distribution. This means that when investing in a controllable LED fixture from DGT by Senmatic, you can always change the light to keep up with new research findings, a new culture/culture stage, or simply to dim the fixture when less light is required. This is a feature in all fixtures except our Grow Horti solution.

Simply put, an investment in DGT by Senmatic's LED grow lights will not leave you with a fixed spectrum but lead to endless possibilities.

We also have a solution for simpler needs

Our Grow Horti LED fixture is for those who want the benefits from LED grow lights, but do not need to change the spectral distribution. Put differently, Grow Horti is our simple and effective LED fixture.

It is a plug-and-play solution, making installation easy as can be – and making changing from HPS to LED simple. We make sure to adapt the grow light to your specific culture, which is why the fixture is available with four different light profiles of blue light in the range 2-8 %. It is 245W fixture available as either 230V or 400V and offers the optimal grow lighting to improve your plants’ growth.


LED solutions to fit your needs and growth space

LED is the future of light. At DGT by Senmatic, we provide a broad range of LEDs designed to fit your exact needs and growth space:

  • Control of spectral composition and dynamic control of light intensity (not applicable for our GrowHorti non-controllable LED)
  • Better plant quality and higher output 
  • Long lifetime with no reduction of the light output over time 
  • Consistent light on the plants due to a patented optical lens system
  • Innovative Grow Verti solution with vertical farming advantages for growing in layers
  • Minimizes the use of Plant Growth Regulation (PGR) 
  • Enables easy integration with climate control systems 
  • The obvious substitute of traditional HPS
  • LEDs tailored to the plants' need (improved photosynthesis) to ensure optimal growth
  • For optimal use of features and space, we can support you with a lighting plan showing you the number and position of fixtures and the distribution of light in your specific space


Products for LED Lighting

Grow Horti

The simple and effective LED fixture

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Grow Verti

The ultra slim LED fixture for vertical farming

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FL300 Grow White

For special lighting requirements

See Product

FL300 Grow

Mainly for greenhouse installations

See product

FL300 Sunlight

The LED fixture replicating the sunlight

See product

FL100 Grow White

Offers a full continuous spectrum - mainly for areas with special light requirements and vertical farming

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FL100 Grow

Mainly for vertical farming and greenhouse installations

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FL100 Sunlight

Matches the rays of the sun - mainly for climate chambers, vertical farming etc.

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LED Light Controller

Maintain the full control
of your LED installation

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Growing tulips with LED grow lights

Growing tulips with LED grow lights

Installing LED grow lights turned out to be a smart decision for Dutch-based Rainbow Colors. In just two years, the company has increased production by 50% and cut energy use by 25% – while the quality of their tulips improved significantly.

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Producing red lettuce with horticultural LED

Producing red lettuce with horticultural LED

Swedish-based Spisa Smaker AB invested in an LED grow light system with detailed controllability to meet market demands for high quality produce and red pigmented lettuce. Not only have they seen great results in quality improvement, they have also experienced a 48% save in electricity. 

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