Senmatic A/S has acquired Fionia Lighting A/S

You are being redirected from the Fionia Lighting homepage to the Senmatic homepage, because Senmatic back in 2015 acquired Fionia Lighting.

Based on research and patents from SDU entrepreneurial company Fionia Lighting A/S back in 2005 showed how the LEDs can halve the power consumption for lighting of plants in greenhouses.

This was done so well by Fionia Lighting that Energi Fyn Holding, Energy Invest Fyn, Syddansk Teknologisk Innovation, PKM and Senmatic all could be attracted as investors in the company.

After several years of development and testing of prototypes - which was supported by the Danish Energy Agency - Fionia Lighting distributed finished LED fixtures to the green busi­ness in Europe.

In 2011 Senmatic and Fionia Lighting joined forces and in doing so achieved synergies that have put us in the technological forefront internation­ally for horticultural lighting and climate control.

In 2015 Senmatic A/S decided almost to clear the decks by buying up entrepreneurs and investors from the company and hereby became the majority owner. Energi Fyn Holding did chose to remain on board, though

Fionia Lighting A/S is therefore today managed by Senmatic A/S and Energi Fyn Holding A/S as owners.

All LED fixtures are developed and manufactured in Denmark by Senmatic, and a lot has happened to the LED market since we started our cooperation with Fionia Lighting back in 2011. More LED-variants of high quality has been developed and is now used in installations worldwide.

You can read much more about our business areas and how and where to benefit from the use of our LED fixtures.

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