Grow Verti - the LED fixture specially designed for vertical farming

The LED Grow Verti is well-suited for tight areas or for where you just want to make full use of the space. The fixture is suitable for multilayer production, containers, industrial buildings, restaurants, closed cultivation rooms and much more - there is a world of options.

  • Ultra-slim (6 mm) - utilizes your entire space
  • Standard-size is 60 x 80 cm - but can be customized to fit your production area
  • Adjustable spectral distribution and light intensity - can therefore be adapted to the individual culture’s needs
  • Also available as non-controllable and with fixed diode assembly
  • Possible to purchase design that allows changing LEDs to keep up with the latest diode technology
  • Emits very little heat, so no need for cooling
  • Latest diode technology, which provides low power consumption, increased efficiency and long lifetime
  • Designed for the humid climate of a growing environment - IP65
  • LED improves plant growth and increases the taste intensity of edible plants

Read more about benefits of LED in general - and how you get a future-proof solution.

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Benefits of using LED

  • The composition of the diode colors is adapted to the plant’s needs (the photosynthetically active light), for improved growth.
  • LEDs do not emit much heat. The advantage is that by heating from an alternative heat source instead of the fixtures a healthy and uniform climate is ensured without large fluctuations in temperature.
  • Uniform light on the plant due to an optical lens system - thereby minimizing light waste and shadow footprint.
  • LED may reduce the need for Plant Growth Regulation PGR).
  • Long lifetime with no reduction of light output over time.

Future-proof solution

With its long lifetime, many applications and improved plant growth, the choice of our LED fixture is a solid and future-proof investment.

We are happy to assist you with further guidance and a lighting plan, and of course with an offer, to provide you the full overview of upgrading your business.

What's in it for you?

  • Reduce climate footprint

  • By adjusting the light intensity and spectral distribution it is possible to control the growth of the plant. Thereby, production can be adapted to market demand

  • The flexibility of the fixture means that cultures can be grown even if they are off-season

  • The setting flexibility advantage is that it is possible to switch between different cultures throughout the year

  • The ultra-slim design ensures the full utilization of space, and due to very little emission of heat, the fixtures can be placed close to the plant

  • We gladly advise the number and colors of the diodes ensuring the most optimal composition

  • Opportunity to develop solutions for IoT integration of third-party products (IoT sensors, IoT drivers, cameras etc.)

Reduce climate footprint by using LED fixture Grow Verti

LEDs are far more energy effective than traditional lighting. With LED diodes you save energy and reduce your climate footprint compared to using HPS. In addition to improved efficiency, LEDs have a number of other environmentally friendly benefits: LEDs emit significantly less surplus heat, you produce less energy waste, as LEDs do not require frequent change of bulbs, and you maintain CO2 inside your greenhouse, as you do not open windows as with a warm HPS-fixture. Moreover, LEDs from DGT by Senmatic can be dimmed to limit unnecessary use of resources.

It has also been proven that blue and red LEDs are particularly effective in terms of growth regulation, and both shorten production times and optimize plant growth more effectively than chemical PGRs. As a result, you can reduce your use of chemicals. We also know that red LEDs reduce reproduction among pests.

Read more about growth retardation without chemicals
Download product sheet Technical specifications Mounting Maintenance Controlling the LEDs lighting plan
Download product sheet
Technical specifications

Specifications based on an example of a fixture size 60 x 80 cm with 36 LED plugs

  • Power input: 230 V AC 
  • Nominal current: 0.65 A 
  • Power consumption: 135 watt
  • Light output: μmol/s per Watt 
  • Operating temperature: 0 - 40° C
  • Light modulation range: From 4 - 14 % blue light of total light
  • Green / white content: From 5 - 22 % of total light (depending on model)
  • Dimensions: L x W x H: 800 x 600 x 6 mm
  • Vægt: 5.3 kg 
  • Cable length: To be customized


  • Mounting is done with screws through holes in the plate.
  • Holes are pre-drilled as desired to suit the installation.
  • The fixture comes with a cable for connecting several fixtures and a longer cable for power connection.
  • Driver/power supply and cable connections will be in connection boxes placed centrally
  • Possibility to connect fixtures in daisychains


  • IP65 rated - easy to clean with water and a soft brush, or even pressure washer.
Controlling the LEDs

How to control spectral distribution and light intensity

One of the major benefits of this fixture is the ability for adjusting the spectral distribution and light intensity, which can be performed by using our LCC4 climate control system.

An alternative is our LED Light Controller, which can be connected to your climate control from another provider, too.

That way you can maintain the full control of your LED installation.

On the pages for LCC4 and the LED Light Controller you can find further information and download the product sheets.

LCC4 Climate controlLED Light Controller

lighting plan

Lighting plan

We can support you with a lighting plan showing your need for LED fixtures.

The only information we need from you is the following:

  • The length + width + height of your greenhouse
  • The wanted light quantity stated in either µmol or PAR
  • Which crops you grow and the height of them

The lighting plan will show you the number and position of the fixtures and furthermore also the distribution of the light.

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