LED Light Controller

Maintain the full control of your LED installation

The LED Light Controller is developed to get the most out of the FL300 and FL100, by making it possible to control the light intensity and the spectral composition throughout the day.

DGT by Senmatic offers the grower state-of-the-art expertise in terms of light and climate control. Regardless of your current climate control provider, the combination of the LED Light Controller and the FL300 makes an excellent solution for your company and your crops.

If you have an alternative climate computer provider, the LED Light Controller can be purchased together with the FL300 or FL100. In this way, you still maintain full control of your LED installation.

More energy savings
To get the full benefits of controlling the LED light, it should be installed together with a light sensor. It is possible to connect eight light sensors to the LED Light Controller. The light can then be controlled with dynamic intensity, light sum for down adjustment (DLI), or both.

Our fixtures FL300 and FL100 – more variants – all controllable
Our LED fixtures are available in many variants for greenhouses, climate chambers and garden centers, for growing in layer, as a top-light, and so on. Similar for all is that you can control the light intensity and spectral composition.

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What's in it for you?

  • Control of fixtures based on light sum or dynamic light measured through a quantum sensor

  • Control of light intensity in time zones

  • Dividing the LED installation into groups

  • To get the full benefits it should be installed with a quantum sensor

  • More quantum sensors can be connected for optimizing of the light control

  • Suitable for all DGT by Senmatic LED fixtures

  • Can be connected to either a DGT by Senmatic Climate Controller or to one from another provider

Download product sheet & brochure Technical specifications Lighting plan
Technical specifications



  • Supply voltage: AC 85 - 264 V (wide range), 55/65 Hz DC95 - 250 V
  • Power consumption: 64 VA
  • Communication: Ethernet


  • Operating temperature: 0 - 50° C without direct sun radiation
  • Humidity: 0 - 95 % without condensation
  • Density: IP 65
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 440 x 330 x 160 mm (17.3 x 13 x 6.3")
  • Net weight: 9 kg (20 lb) 

Basis I/O for the LED Light Controller or an expansion

  • 1 digital input module with 8 inputs
  • 1 Analog input module with 4 inputs
  • 1 Digital output module with 8 outputs
  • 1 Communication module for controlling LED fixtures
  • More modules can be added
Lighting plan

Lighting plan

We can support you with a lighting plan showing your need for LED fixtures.

The only information we need from you is the following:

  • The length + width + height of your greenhouse
  • The wanted light quantity stated in either µmol or PAR
  • Which crops you grow and the height of them

In case you have tables in your greenhouse, we would also like to know the height of them.

The lighting plan will show you the number and position of the fixtures and furthermore also the distribution of the light.

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