LG25 gear motor for greenhouses

Knowledge of Mechanical Climate Control

Greenhouse ventilation is important for keeping growing conditions in the greenhouse optimal. DGT by Senmatic supplies gears and racks that match perfectly the mechanical components required for opening and closing windows and screens. Our gear motors match all voltages, speeds and power sources. Torques range from 50 Nm to 400 Nm and are available with fixed limit stop or torque stop, or a combination of both types.

Racks and pinions are supplied in two types, depending on load requirements (variants up to 75 kg). Both types are available as straight or curved racks. Motor relays are supplied with built-in overload switches and with heat valves and various flange sizes.

DGT by Senmatic supplies:

  • Gears and motors covering all voltages, speeds and power sources, for vent and screen opening systems in greenhouses of any size
  • Patented racks and pinions requiring a minimum of maintenance, low noise levels, and offering high reliability, flexibility and long lifetime

Three-way regulating heat valve for controlling the hot water heating system.

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Products for Mechanical Climate Control

LG25 Gear Motor

For high performance and quiet operation

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LG120 Gear Motor

Designed for operating vents and screens

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LG120 Gear motor for Sempleta

Designed for operating vents and screens in smaller greenhouses

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LG240 Gear Motor

Gear motor with high performance

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LG403 Gear Motor

The ultimate solution for system automation

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LG405 Gear Motor

The powerful solution for system automation

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WV3 Heat Valve

Reliable 3-way regulation valve

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Rack & Pinion

Rack-and-pinion vent opening system

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