LG25 gear motor for greenhouses

LG25 Gear Motor

For high performance and quiet operation

Senmatic A/S has been producing gear motors since 1953 and the products have been undergoing a constant development throughout the years. The gear motors are produced of aluminium, high alloy steel and bronze. 

LG25 is a compact and lightweight gear motor with high performance and small installation dimensions, which makes it suitable for mounting where space is limited.
LG25 is a combined gear consisting of a helical gear driving a self-locking worm gear. The helical gear ensures a smooth and quiet operation with a minimum of vibration, and the self-locking function secures the vent or screen when power is cut off.

The selected materials and the ball bearings ensure a long lifetime for the LG25 gear motor.

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Compact and quiet

Built in limit switch function

Closed gear box - no maintenance

Optimal for mounting where space is limited

Further functions Download product sheet Technical specifications
Further functions

Further essential functions

Limit switch function
LG25 has a built in limit switch function that mechanically ensures the output shaft stops at the desired position each time. LG25 is easy to adjust and can be set to the desired standard operation. As standard operation range the LG25 can be supplied with 0-15, 0-20 and 0-50 revolutions.

LG25 is developed to work with the Sempleta Climate Control.

Download product sheet

Download product sheet

Technical specifications

Technical specifications

  • Nominal output torque Tout: 20 nm
  • Nominal Speed Nout: 2.0 RPM / min.
  • Work range: 0 - 15, 0 - 20 and 0 - 50
  • Frequency: 50 Hz
  • Current: 0.2 A
  • Voltage: 1 x 230 V
  • Power: 20 W

Physical specifications

  • Net weight: 4.5 kg
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 250 / 280 x 194 x 134 / 164 mm
  • Surface temperature: 65° C under normal operation conditions
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