Rack & pinion vent opening system for greenhouse vents

LV7R/B & LV20R/B Racks

Strongest in the market - Rack-and-pinion vent opening system for greenhouse  

The LV7R/B and LV20 R/B aluminium racks form part of the DGT by Senmatic vent opening system for greenhouse vents. The design and manufacturing of the rack-and pinion opening systems are based on more than 40 years’ experience. They are therefore thoroughly tested products.

The design of the original DGT by Senmatic rack ensures that the weight from the windows is always resting on the whole rack. The low weight of LV7R/B and LV20R/B meets the requirements for still lighter greenhouse constructions without reducing the strength. The construction of the rack-and-pinion system ensures also a low noise level during operation.

Solid and reliable
The teeths are placed as close as possible to the drive shaft, resulting in reduced torque and reduced twisting on the shaft. With less torque required, smaller gear motors can be used. The aluminium rack also exhibits great tolerance towards temperature changes and smaller mechanical irregularities in the construction.

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Materials and pinion

The rack is made from a hard aluminum alloy which – together with the softer zinc pinion – gives a considerable strength and optimal durability. The rack is reinforced of aluminum at all points of attachment. These points makes this rack the strongest in the market. The pinion is provided with special rollers in a synthetic material, resulting in a minimum of friction during operation.

The pinion rests in special synthetic bearing materials, as the radial force (about 50 % of the lifting power) is to be transferred. The rollers in synthetic bearing materials, influenced by the same strong force, give a smooth and silent operation. The pinion is reinforced for a safe fastening on the drive shaft and to transfer the maximum screw force.

Profile and maintenance

The super ellipse profile gives the strongest rack and an accurate adaptation between the compressive load and the bending torque. LV20 has been further reinforced to stand up to the continually increasing load demands.

LV7R/B and LV20R/B require only a minimum of maintenance, as the closed housing keeps dirt out. All movable parts in the pinion have been specially factory-treated with a teflon lubricant and require only a minimum of maintenance. The rack should be greased once a year as a minimum.

What's in it for you?

  • Low weight without reduction of the strength

  • The strongest rack in the market

  • Aluminum racks have much better wear resistance than steel racks

  • Reinforcement of aluminum at all points of attachment

  • Based on more than 40 years' experience in Development and production

  • Available in two types (strong and extra strong), straight / curved and many lengths

  • Long durability - up to 30 years

  • Minimum of maintenance

  • Low noise level

Further functions How to find the right solution Download product sheet
Further functions

Further essential functions

  • The design is made to resist the cold / warm stretch of the drive shaft
  • All movable parts are made of aluminum - no rusting parts
  • Aluminum rack with solid teeth preventing skewed wear
  • Mounting point of solid aluminum, meaning the hole stays round and the window closes perfectly
  • Easy to maintain
How to find the right solution

How to find the right rack solution

The two types of racks - LV7 and LV20 - is available as both straight and curved in several length and for different purposes.

To get to know the difference between the types and when to use which length, please go to download to get our very detailed product sheet, in which you can also find a calculation showing how to find out how many and which racks you should use for your greenhouse. The product sheet also includes pictures and item numbers for each available part.

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