VG120 angle gear for greenhouses

VG120 Angle Gear

For use wherever reduced speed is required

Senmatic produced the frst gear motors for opening of windows in greenhouses already in 1953. Since then Development has been constant. Senmatic’s gear motors are produced from modern materials: aluminium, high alloy steel and bronze. The production takes place on our own computer-controlled tooling machines, under constant quality control.

VG120 is constructed to be combined directly with the Senmatic MultiVent system. However, the 1:20 gearing means the angle gear is useful everywhere a gearing for reduced speed is required.
The angle gear is produced with a simple worm gear and the VG120 is a quality gear with all shafts supported in ball bearings, to obtain the best support with a minimum of friction loss together with a comparatively noiseless running.

The shafts are made in high quality steel, the worm gear in bronze. The gear box has been made in light alloy (aluminium). Shaft sealings are EPDM labial rings. There is a through-going output shaft Ø20 mounted with profle coupling pieces. The gearing is mounted as a gearing-down, meaning that 20 rotations on the input shaft gives 1 rotation on the output shaft. There is a single input shaft supplied with a profle pipe piece for profle pipe coupling. The gear motor is flled with oil and completely closed which means that the gear needs no maintenance.

The VG120 is also available with crank.

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Gearing for reduced speed

Gearing is mounted as a gearing down

Under constant quality control

High quality materials

Download product sheet Technical specifications
Download product sheet

Download product sheet

Technical specifications



  • Effect: 0.5
  • Oil contents: 0.8 L
  • Oil type: BP-GR XP 220, mineral oil
  • Weight: 5.5 kg
  • Max. load, output shaft: Please download the product sheet for that information
  • Gearing N2:N1: Please download the product sheet for further information


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