Senmatic's bench valve for table irrigation

Knowledge of Mechanical Irrigation

For plant watering systems, we supply nozzles, drips and valves that ensure water gets to the plants effectively. Our mechanical irrigation equipment for mobile and stationary bench systems is very easy to operate. The irrigation time is adjusted for each valve for the fertilizer mixer or irrigation equipment.

Water is then delivered using drip irrigation, laid out so that each single plant or tree is supplied with the correct amount of water, or from nozzles/sprinklers for atomizing spraying, cooling or addition of humidity.

We supply:

  • Irrigation valves for perfect filling and emptying of benches, designed for easy transport of mobile benches around the greenhouse
  • Drip irrigation in-line systems ensure accuracy with precision dosing of nutrients and precise control
  • Diaphragm nozzles with built-in membrane and filter for mist propagation, cooling, humidification, fine irrigation and irrigation

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Products for Mechanical Irrigation

HSV10, HS20 & Return Valves

For flood-ebb irrigation in a single pipe system

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GW & GWM Membrane

Accurate irrigation from variants for different requirements

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HS20 Bench Valve

Improved from everyday experience in the modern greenhouse

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Mobile Bench Irrigation

Flexible irrigation for mobile bench systems

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