Monitoring and control of the complex processes in commercial greenhouses is a critical factor for growers who need to create the optimal climate for plants, and to ensure the best return on their investment.

Because changes in the weather outside affect the substantial surface area of greenhouses almost immediately, screens and ventilation are necessary to ensure an immediate response to the enormously wide swings in temperature.

Senmatic climate computers ensure peace of mind for growers and can be scaled to the size and complexity of the commercial operation.

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Diagram showing the installation of the LCC2 Touch

Our products can be applied to different installations and are often used for total solutions.

This diagram shows the installation of a LCC2 Touch Climate Computer together with other relevant products.

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Product groups containing relevant products for the installation shown on the diagram

LED Lighting

Controllable LED fixtures matching the requirements of modern greenhouses

product group

Electronic Climate Control

Advanced climate computers creating the optimal climate for your plants

product group

Mechanical Climate

Gears, racks & heating valves for opening / closing windows and screens

product group

Analoque Climate Control

Motor relays, temperature / heat regulators & more for an optimal climate

product group


SuperLink 6 is the software analyzing climate and irrigation / fertilizing data 

product group