For optimal growing conditions, plants require the right amount of water at the right time. Today, water reuse is important for irrigation. Water scarcity, water costs and awareness of water management issues all contribute to the increasing use of water recirculation systems. However, water can contain bacterial and fungal and viral spores, requiring water treatment.

Senmatic supplies growers with components for irrigation, including irrigation controllers that manage requirements from drip over water distribution and treatment systems to complete fertilizer mixers.

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Diagram showing how a Fertilizer Mixer can be used in a green house

The AMI Penta Mixer sets even greater focus on the plants’ need for precisely fertilizing and accurate acidity in the irrigation water and at the right time. In the diagram you can see the function of the mixer when it is installed in a greenhouse. 

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Relevant product groups for Irrigation & Fertilizing

Products for an optimal irrigation and fertilizer mixing (fertigation) that ensures optimal growing conditions are to be found within these product groups.

Irrigation & Fertilizer Mixers

For optimal irrigation and fertilizer mixing ensuring the best growth conditions

product group

Mechanical Irrigation

Equipment for mobile & stationary bench systems for effectively watering

product group

Water Purification

UV disinfection system for effective water treatment and re-circulation

product group

Improve production quality and cut time consumption with the optimal fertilizer solution

In just one year, German-based Blumen Colmorgen has experienced several short-term advantages: significant time savings with easier programming, improved problem solving, and increased product quality with a more precise dosage of fertilization.

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