Lighting for greenhouses, indoor farms, and research facilities require precise control to ensure optimal returns and must be able to withstand the harsh environment of a greenhouse. The demand for energy and cost optimisation means that farmers are increasingly turning to controllable LED grow lighting that offers dynamic control of light intensity and spectral composition and enables easy integration with climate control systems.

Senmatic is in a uniquely position to supply controllable LED grow lights ranging from greenhouse fixtures that emit light in the photosynthetic active region of the visible light spectrum to fixtures designed to replicate sunlight.

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Relevant products for the LED Lighting can be found in the below groups

LED Lighting

Controllable spectral composition and light intensity and energy saving LED 

product group

Electronic Climate Control

Monitoring and control of the complex processes for an optimal climate

product group


SuperLink 6 is the software analyzing climate and irrigation / fertilizing data 

product group

Increasing product quality and producing red lettuce with horticultural LED

The high controllability and adjustable features of LED systems create several advantages for all greenhouses. Swedish-based Spisa Smaker AB invested in an LED grow light system with detailed controllability to meet market demands for high quality produce and red pigmented lettuce. Not only have they seen great results in quality improvement, they have also experienced a 48% save in electricity. 

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