Dual Production essential for delivery reliability, proves Covid and Suez

With the current pandemic and the Suez blockage as prime examples, having production facilities in multiple locations is essential for Senmatic to uphold delivery reliability in the wind and reefer industries.

When a country shuts down due to a virus outbreak, a ship fails maneuvering through one of the world’s most vital transportation routes or other unusual incidents occur, manufacturing companies with global presence as Senmatic are of great risk of being affected.

To steer clear of unforeseen incidents and minimize the effect on productivity, Senmatic operates with a dual production system for the two large industries reefer and wind.

A flexible production setup

With production facilities in Søndersø, Denmark, and in Suzhou, China, we operate with a flexible production setup. Generally speaking, our production facility in Denmark largely manufactures products for businesses located in the West, while our production in China largely delivers to business operations in the East. But due to a flexible setup, production can be transferred, if needed:

- With our dual production setup, we can uphold delivery reliability and delivery times to our reefer and wind accounts, as we produce items in the part of the world in which they operate. At the same time, it minimizes the risk of a full production stop in case of unforeseen incidents, as we can then upscale production at the other facility to keep delivery reliability high. And of course, it maintains a competitive cost structure, says Jan Iversholt, Plant Manager at Senmatic A/S.

In addition to improving delivery reliability, the setup also prevents unnecessary transportation of products, improving the environmental impact of transported goods.

Your reliable technology partner

In short, dual production strengthens our efforts to meet customer demands even in times of disruption.

Headquartered in Denmark, this is where development and prototyping take place. It is typically also where production is first set into motion, and when the process is fully matured, it is transferred to a large-scale production in both Denmark and China.

-  We take great pride in being a reliable technology partner by creating a supply chain as stable as possible for our customers. Our pinpoint accuracy and world-class product quality are essential to the complex operations in which our customers operate; it leaves no possibility for costly delays, Jan Iversholt ends.

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