Prepare your mechanical greenhouse equipment for winter

Winter is near and it is time to prepare your mechanical equipment for the colder months. We recommend that you inspect gear motors, rack-and-pinions and heat valves. You should also check your RTF-sensor.

We now enter the heating season, and your heat valves will soon get to work. Therefore, it is important that you make sure that the valves open and shut as intended. Turn up and down the heat a few times, so that you can see whether the valves open and shut correctly. By exercising the valves, you can prevent that they get stuck – the same is the case for circulation pumps. Remember that the climate system will give alarm at unwanted decrease or increase in the temperature or humidity, e.g. in consequence of errors on heat valves or circulation pumps.

Your gear motors and rack-and-pinions should be inspected too. By maintaining these parts, you minimize the risk of error, which could happen while the windows are open, which potentially could be of great harm to your production in the cold months. Listen for unusual jarring sounds on gears and rack-and-pinions for both curtains and windows and consider whether the rack-and-pinions should be lubricated.

While already at winter-inspection, it is a good idea to check your RTF-sensor – that is the bucket for humidity and temperature, and for some also CO2-measurement. If the temperature is shown incorrectly, you risk triggering ventilation at colder temperatures than intended.

Your winter check supports optimal growth conditions in your production. If you wish to purchase new mechanical equipment, you are of course welcome to contact us.  


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