Senmatic enter partnership with Penny UK Ltd.

A new dynamic partnership has been agreed between Senmatic of Denmark and Penny UK. Senmatic have been a very strong force in the UK over many years, especially with their brand DGT Volmatic, which is well respected throughout the global glasshouse industry.

With the changing face of horticulture, Penny UK are supremely equipped to drive the growth forward for Senmatic in the UK, to compete strongly not only in the traditional areas of high tech glasshouses, but also developing areas such as soft fruit and nursery stock.

Growth is always a two way communication between successful companies and the exchange of ideas between Senmatic and Penny is already bearing fruit, with various upgrades and new products designed specifically for the UK.

All good growers demand better yields with better control, but this needs to be available to the many not just the few. It needs to be easily understood and affordable. Without hidden costs. Expanding the customer base criteria is project one for the new partnership.

About Penny UK LTD
Penny UK have built a team of great professionals full of experience, used to managing a successful irrigation trade wholesale company – and are always customer focused.

The clear strategy of the Penny UK management team is to continually reinvest in the business to maximise the company growth potential and ultimately increase the sales and the profitability of its customers. 

Penny UK operate from a fully stocked warehouse and training facility, offering internationally acclaimed products. Delivering products to site, correctly and as quickly as possible has always been a key requisite for the farming industry. Growing decisions can change from week to week and Penny UK needs to change with them.

Contact Stewart Penny, Commercial Director:
Mobile: +44 7776 990346

About Senmatic A/S
Senmatic delivers complete and configurable solutions for horticultural applications such as electronic and mechanical climate control, irrigation and fertilizer mixing and LED lighting. Their electronic and mechanical equipment for modern horticultural production is used in almost all horticultural applications, ranging from greenhouses and indoor farming to research facilities and garden centers.

As one of the leading suppliers of controls and equipment worldwide, Senmatic offers turnkey solutions built from their wide and deep product range. Reliability, user friendliness and the possibility of combining and configuring their systems and products keep them at the forefront of the horticultural industry. Senmatic’s sensors and controls are all tested on-site at commercial greenhouses during development.

Contact: Morten Krage, Key Account Manager:
Mobile: +45 2080 1115