Reducing plastic with personalized thermo mugs

Can even relatively small organizations contribute to a greener and cleaner environment? We believe so. To encourage reduction in plastic cups, each employee was given a personalized thermo mug. In just a few weeks, plastic cup usage declined by 85 pct.

Plastic production requires enormous amounts of energy and resources, leading to high carbon emissions, and more and more of us reflect on ways to reduce our personal plastic usage. As we continued to see plastic cups being used for water and coffee during breaks and meetings, we decided to give each employee a personalized thermo mug with their name and our logo engraved.

Now, only one month after receiving the new thermo mugs, our employees have successfully cut the usage of plastic cups by approximately 85 %.

- This shows that even small and simple adjustments can make a difference in an organization of our size. If all businesses reduce plastic use, it will certainly show in the larger perspective of reaching a greener and cleaner environment, says Mads Nychel, CEO at Senmatic.

Other green initiatives consist of sorting garbage for re-cycling purposes, including cardboard and paper, which a production company as ours has large quantities of.