How Senmatic reinvented FAT-tests during Covid-19

The new coronavirus has forced companies across the globe to come up with new digital ways to conduct business. At Senmatic, a challenge met was how to carry out Factory Acceptance Tests (FAT) without on site visitors. The solution was to use live video streaming and photo sessions to carry out Remote FATs.

With the limitations of onsite visits and the openness and flexibility from our customers, we encountered a challenge in conducting FAT-sessions in the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic.

To continue to carry out the important FATs, we now conduct them under surveillance by our customers and third party sworn surveyors using live video streaming and photo sessions. Thereby, we have succeeded in enabling our customers to follow all our tests and evaluate measurement data online, validating the high quality of Senmatic temperature sensors, although circumstances suddenly changed drastically.

- Remote FATs are scheduled with the involved party beforehand, as done prior to any other regular meeting or visit. But rather than meeting at our laboratory, we invite them to join us virtually. We then continue as usual: we go through all testing equipment, serial numbers and other relevant information before starting the actual tests. The tests then start, and the third party sworn surveyors follow it in a 2-webcam setup live from our laboratory. We can interact throughout the tests, move around the cameras, and see the readouts of the measurements in live mode, says Luis Torres, Lab Engineer at Senmatic.

Mads Nychel, CEO at Senmatic, adds:

- Accurate measurements and valuations have a great and positive influence on our customers’ turnover, and the demand for sensor calibration is increasing. Therefore, finding an alternative to our normal way of carrying out FAT-sessions and issuing quality test certificates was crucial, and with this we do so with great success under these circumstances. With this, we hope to inspire others to take advantage of technology to develop new business methods. For us, Covid-19 was the starting signal. We believe that virtual FAT (and audits) remains a part – to some extend – of the future beyond Covid-19.

The live video streaming service used is Microsoft Teams.


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