Senmatic strengthens efforts in the Chinese market

As part of our new 2020 strategy, China has become an important focus area. China is in many ways a challenging market, but it also has a great potential, and in our growth plans it is recognized that China as a market must grow significantly by 2020.

Own sales office and distributor in Shanghai
As part of our efforts, we have opened our own sales office in Shanghai, where 3 sales persons with many years of sales experience within the sensor area is our new sales team.

One of the business areas, in which Senmatic's sales team in China succeeded in establishing a solid foundation, is sensor solutions for LNG fuel plants. Through targeted sales efforts at design institutes, EPC (Engineering, Procurement & Contracting) and LNG tankers, several projects have been won, including the largest announced LNG project in 2018. To reduce pollution from traditional energy sources such as oil and coal, China is improving it’s LNG tanker infrastructure. This applies to power plants as well as to the merchant navy, where there are more stringent requirements to reduce the discharge of hazardous particles from marine engines. 
Another important business area for Senmatic in China is the wind turbine industry, where we see progress with several significant manufacturers, both Chinese and international.

Our three employees focus on creating a valuable customer base and a strong project pipeline - and as mentioned, they have started very well.

For the horticultural business we continue the close cooperation with our distributor, Shanghai Sungiao Yijia Agricultural Science & Technology Co., Ltd.
Shanghai Sunqiao Yijia was one of the pioneers within technical research and industrialization exploitation regarding soilless culture of vegetables, fruits and flowers. Through 30 years of development, Shanghai Sunqiao Yijia has achieved remarkable results in the field of smart green house, soilless culture, new variety breeding, nutrient solution, and irrigation system. The company employs 150 people, and the company has expanded its business across China and successfully established subsidiaries in the Tibet area and in several Chinese provinces. Shanghai Sunqiao Yijia is ISO9001 certified.

The distributor handles the contact and sales to the horticultural business and greenhouse builders in several parts of China - and here too the trend is positive.

Production facilities
In order to increase the proximity to our customers in the Chinese market, we have established a close cooperation with an external supplier Suzhou IE-Tech Co., Ltd.

SIE - as the supplier is named in everyday speech - is a reputable company founded in 1958. SIE is a traditional Chinese company whose core business is Flexible Printed Circuit (FPC). Over the last 15 years, SIE has expanded its production capacity to include cable assembly, injection moulding and mould development. The company employs 450 people and has a production area of ​​20,000 m2. SIE works in the same processes as we do, has a high degree of capability and regards quality assurance as an extremely important factor. The company is therefore also certified within ISO9001, ISO14001 and TS16949. They produce components to a part of our sensor range, and we expect to increase our production with them for the expected, increased growth in the Chinese market.

Chinese website
As a further strength, we will become even more visible in China during this summer as we will launch our new Chinese website - and our videos will be found on YouKu (YouKu is the Chinese pendant to YouTube).

Business areas
If you are interested in knowing more about our business areas, you can find very useful knowledge here about Sensor and Horticulture.

You are, of course, also very welcome to contact us - we would be glad to hear from you

We are very optimistic about the progress in China, and we look forward to working on our new strategy, which forms the framework for a new journey for Senmatic.