Discover the new look of Senmatic

We, in Senmatic, are proud to announce our new logo, which marks the beginning of a new journey.

Senmatic has started a journey to become a bigger and stronger company. In 2016, we separated fully from our previous owner Micro Matic, and we continue under the ownership of the Indutrade Group.

Also, we have designed a new business strategy, which will help us reach the next level of our journey. We have made a plan to collaborate more closely with our customers and partners to deliver even more customer value and to become a more attractive workplace.

Part of the strategy, is also to introduce a new visual identity, which is designed to tell the story of the new Senmatic. A central part of our visual identity is, of course, the logo. The two colors, blue and green, represent our two business units, Sensors and Horticulture, and we have incorporated our focus on electronics and innovation into the logo graphics.

Over the coming months, Senmatic will gradually implement the new visual identity. Similar to our face-to-face meetings with our customers, this website is one of the most important touchpoints we have to help our customers find what they are looking for, and to present updates on new technology and expert knowledge from Senmatic and from the market in general.

In addition to having a strategic plan, a good start is critical to make a successful journey. Therefore, we would like to thank our great customers for giving us such a good starting point. Having such great customers is both a privilege and an obligation, which we value very much. With the experience we have gained together, we begin our new journey with confidence.

Welcome to the new Senmatic.

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