Senmatic is transferring from ISO9001-2008 to ISO9001-2015

Senmatic was initially certified to the Quality Management System (QMS) ISO9001-2000 in 2004 and has kept the quality management focus throughout the version ISO9001-2008 and since January 2018, ISO9001-2015.

The upgrade of our QMS let our customers rest assure, that the basics of controlling our processes are in place and that all employees provide world class products and services, with dedication and quality focus.

Our QMS is the baseline for Senmatic additional certifications, e.g. ATEX (EICEx), Marine, and UL.
Our QMS also support our customers need for own certifications e.g. GHOST (Russia) and INMETRO (Brazil).

As a provider of safe, reliable and efficient products and services for Oil & Gas, Refrigeration, Wind Power, Marine Applications and Controller Technology for Horticulture, Senmatic lead the way by keeping our QMS up to latest standards and apply the philosophy of quality, to real life situations executed by employees across our organization.

For our customer it means:

  • Easy approval of products and services.
  • Documented compliance.
  • Traceability where needed.
  • Easy supplier monitoring.
  • Dedicated management involvement to all processes from idea to product or service.

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